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Everyday Maine

I was honored to be counted among the incredible group of Maine photographers featured in curator Bruce Brown's Everyday Maine exhibit, at University of Maine Augusta. The show included six of my photos of workers on Maine farms, as well as 184 other works by photographers I have admired and followed for years, like Tonee Harbert, Molly Haley, Brendan Bullock, Sean Alonzo Harris, Colin Howell, Ni Rong, Jocelyn Lee, Winky Lewis, Michael D. Wilson, and many others. After opening in August, the show is coming down this week.

A preview article on the front page of the Kennebec Journal featured my photo of my coworker at Goranson Farm, Isabel Carlson, picking beans in the rain.

See the full Kennebec Journal article here.

See another review, this one in the Portland Press Herald, here.

This photo was taken on a Nikon FE on Kodak UltraMax400. More of my photos from the exhibit will be at USM in March as part of another show.

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