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W. Family Birthday

A few weeks ago, I got to do something I've never done before: attend a 90th birthday party! This family had the brilliant idea to make the most of the occasion by celebrating their matriarch, orchestrating a family reunion, and taking care of all their family photos in one day.

I spent most of the party taking candids on the deck and in the yard as family from as far away as Singapore played and joked together.

After refueling on some fantastic cupcakes, we got organized for more formal family photos.

We chose a backdrop of blooming forsythia as a nod to their grandmother's English origin.

Most of the action on this day took place between 1 and 3pm on a huge open lawn without a cloud in the sky. I made the most of the direct sun by letting the forsythia and one giant willow filter the backlight, and then overexposed for my subjects. I love how this worked for black and white edits.

I always know it's the kind of job I love when I find myself smiling through the editing. My cheeks were sore after this one!

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