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MOFGA Apprentices...Part 1

I've been working on a collection of Maine farm workers for a long time. Because of my love for the integrity of documentary photography, I like to make portraits right where the person is working, in whatever light is available. These portraits were sort of an exception--I leapt at the opportunity to photograph this talk at Broadturn Farm because I knew the light would be great, and I knew there would be plenty of clean farm backgrounds to work with. I started making the portraits towards the end of the talk as we moved around the farm, and I didn't catch everyone before they left. These apprentices are working at various organic farms around Southern Maine this summer. Thanks so much to Lucy Cayard, MOFGA's Southern Maine Outreach Coordinator, and Stacy Brenner and John Bliss for sharing their time, knowledge, and hardcore optimism.

#BroadturnFarm #MOFGA #farmapprentice #farmworkers #Mainefarms

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