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Editorial and documentary photographer

working with farmers, producers, and the

organizations who support them. 

Freedom, Maine

 photo by Chris Giamo


       While I built my photography business, I also worked as a farmhand, a produce buyer, a filmmaker, a teacher, a prep chef, a doctoral student, and a social media consultant. 

       I've become deeply involved in the local food community since beginning my work with Maine farms in 2011. My four years as crew employee on a vegetable farm and my decade of involvement at the Portland Farmers' Market are the foundation of my chosen family. I bring my firsthand understanding of the complicated, vibrant, and constantly changing nature of farming to every assignment.

       I do a limited amount of wedding and family portrait photography each year, and am available for headshots year-round. I work with art buyers to supply their clients, and individual prints are available. 

To the left you'll see a list of clients who have hired me. This is my full-time job, and the work I do is paid. Providing free photography and other services is not something I could do unless I was independently wealthy or had another source of income to primarily support my household. Further, working for free would devalue my industry, undercut others trying to make a living, and relegate photography to a hobby accessible only to the wealthy.

photo by Justin Lumiere
tapping maple.jpg
photo by Kiersten Savage
photo by Jonathan Rhoads

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