Editorial and documentary photographer

working with farmers, producers, and the

organizations who support them. 


Art in the ordinary.


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Freedom, Maine

 photo by Chris Giamo


       While I built my photography business, I also worked as a farmhand, a produce buyer, a filmmaker, a teacher, a prep chef, a doctoral student, and a social media consultant. My focus is in my community, but I have also traveled all around the country and internationally for work. I am fluent in Spanish and Hindi/Urdu, and have rudimentary Russian. I grew up in a fishing family in coastal New Jersey and love to be on the water as much as in the fields. 

       I've become deeply involved in the local food community since beginning my work with Maine farms in 2011. My four years as crew employee on a vegetable farm and my decade of involvement at the Portland Farmers' Market are the foundation of my chosen family. I bring my firsthand understanding of the complicated, vibrant, and constantly changing nature of farming to every assignment.

       I do a limited amount of wedding and family portrait photography each year, and am available for headshots year-round. Prints are available. 

photo by Justin Lumiere
tapping maple.jpg
photo by Kiersten Savage
photo by Jonathan Rhoads

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